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Welcome friends to the digital home of Curtis David and my works as a Creative Art Director and Personal Artist. This site is designed to showcase a little more of exactly who I am, what I do, how I do it , where I do it and why I do this crazy thing called art as a living.

Thanks for stopping! Contact me for creative work of any kind. As an art director I work with in range of creative job profile’s. No job is ever too small. -Curtis David

Curtis David

  • Creative Art Director
  • Street Artist
  • Illustrator
  • 2d Animation Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Film / Video Specialist
  • Curious Person
  • Type Setter
  • Camera Enthusiast
  • Branding Expert
  • Fun Guy
  • Web Designer
  • Art Director
  • Logo Creator
  • Creative
  • Adobe Expert
  • Live Painter
  • 3d Animator
  • Coder
  • People Person
  • Wordpress Expert
  • Great Candidate
  • Motion Gfx Expert
  • Computer Nerd
  • C4d Enthusiast
  • Hacker
  • Graphics Creator
  • Color Specialist
  • Good Person
  • Audio Expert
  • Learner
  • Researcher
  • Lover
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About Me

Just a brief note

Peace My Brotha'

As a freelance artist, I am responsible for everything it takes to get the job done.

No matter what job it is that I decide to take on, I start with a proper workflow. I Follow through with easy management, strong deliverables, swift turnaround time and a beautiful final product. Making sure I achieve ultimate customer satisfaction is a must, insuring the client leaves happy knowing they can return for future art, videos or any updates needed.

Growing Up

Not only did I grow up drawing on walls but I grew up in a very creative household. My mom being a representative for a craft supply company , I had a goldmine of supplies at my fingertips.


Growing up a skateboarder I was majorly influenced by the counter culture lifestyle that the skateboarding scene has always been part of. I have always loved the idea of a brand that can create unique styles and trends that will cross boundaries, be questioned and stand tall. Some of my favorites have always been Vans Shoes, Stussy & Vision Street Wear.

A Bachelor

At the age of 21, in my “Golden Years”, I decided to go to art school. I was done with traditional college and what was I thinking anyway. In school I learned nothing of what it takes in the real world. Everyday I am schooled on what it really does take. And so continues…The student loan struggle.

Taking on the world

Only 3 years later and fresh out of school, I thought i could take on the world. Again this is a major humbling experience. most of what I do seems amateur and cheap compared to what I see around me when I enter the workforce. What a creative wakening it was in my artistry.

Here I am

Today, I live as a freelance artist. I am not tied to anything when it comes to part time full time or independent contracting. As a diversified artist I am ready to take on most roles in the creative art dept. My Main Role as an artist in the workforce is as Creative Art Director, yet i’m humble enough to clip some images if I have to.

About the Author

Born in San Francisco and growing up in a culture of skateboarding and graffiti, Curtis David learned his craft on the streets of San Diego. Having a love for street art and cartoons, it seems to comes natural to draw crazy whacked out characters that all appear to have something to say. If I didn’t draw them, they would be stuck in my head.”-Curtis David
Specializing in motion graphics and 3D Animation and receiving a Bachelors in Arts degree from The Art institutes of California in Media and Animation. Curtis David has spent the last 14 years honing in on his skills and becoming a master of creative arts and learning the art of multi-tasking. Art Direction has become the focus as his skillset is spanned across a broad spectrum of mediums and styles.
Spending the last 10 years in an out of different studios and projects, Curtis David has mastered the art of of adaptability and staying agile in the project. He knows that it takes a little bit of learning on each project because every piece is unique and individual. It is this concept that keeps the evolution of knowledge coming. Through each step in the process he becomes more in tune and aware of what is needed to get the job done.
Illustrating and Painting is what comes natural to Curtis. “It feels as though he has to draw or he has something to prove as he always with a paper and pencil in his hand. He has always been that way.” -Harriet David (mother).
  • MADMAX and the BUDWEISERDOME #goldgun #lifebeatsdeath #circleoflife #budweiserdome #madmax
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  • The throw down!
  • Morning Wednesday people #selflish #selfie #imtiredalready #worksux
  • Timelapse of hell way heights. Thanks Austin for ruining my wall
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  • I am robot!!!!


Having Covered a broad spectrum of media for the last decade I am confident in my ability to provide a high end product with 100% customer satisfaction. You can view some of my work HERE.


Just in case you wanted something for your records I made a PDF version of my resume for you to download and hang onto for you or your companies records. Click download button below.


Check out my blog for the latest project’s I’ve been working on. You can also get a glimpse by scrolling down. Theres lots of ways, Here’s one! Scroll down by clicking HERE.


Cinema 4D(88%)
After Effects - All Atributtes(94%)
Photoshop Motion(94%)
Strong plugin Knowlegde(95%)
Post Coloring(94%)
Pencil Sketch(94%)
Fine Detail(94%)
Conceptual Design(98%)
Logo Design(94%)
Newsletters / Email Subscribe(94%)
Web Branding / Placement(85%)
Point of Sale Design(97%)
Common Adobe Products(95%)
Graphic / Branding / Design(95%)
3D / gFx / Motion Graphics(93%)
Web Design / Development(91%)
Video / Film / Tv(92%)
Illustration / Creativity / Fine Art(95%)

My Work

Just a small sample.

Keep it Spacey

Below you will find a group of different categories that showcase what I do. Click away on the images to see more in that category!


Curtis is always quick, responsive and level headed. In the industry that I am in we constantly need promo, P.O.S merchandise and Content that can get our message spread out there. If I am stumped on what to do I know that I can count on Curtis to at least help me troubleshoot the problem, if not solve my troubles out right. I'm telling you there is nothing this guy can't do. Keep his name on your list because when you need him he will be there and if your anything like me you might need him more than you think.

Alicia Botero - Professional Nail Artist / Artistic Nail Design, Provoc Makeup, National Beauty house
Alicia is a World Champion Nail Artist and General Manager for multiple major brands and corporations in the beauty and nail industry. Alicia is featured in major beauty publications and is considered "one of the best" when it comes to the professional nail industry.

I called Curtis on a whim for some Interior 3d Room and Fabric mockups and not only was Curtis quick to respond, fast with deliverables but I found him extremely personable and amazingly easy to work with. I have worked with him since on a number of varied jobs that range from Custom Mural Artwork to quick Photoshop mocks.  I recommend Curtis for any creative work you might be looking for. I trust in him that no matter what the restriction or guidelines are, he's got it covered.

Mai le - Head designer / Nathan Turner Designs
Mai is the lead designer over at Nathan Turner Designs. Nathan Turner is featured in such megastores as Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.You can find more information about Mai and Nathan Turner at www.nathanturner.com

This guy is great. Whatever he does is magic when it comes to art. He's extremely knowledgeable & it almost seems nothing can ever go wrong when Curtis is in charge. He's  super on time and always revved up ready to go. I have absolutely no complaints and I strongly recommend this guy for Art direction.

Ted Emmons
Ted Emmons is a Los Angeles based fashion and lifestyle photographer. You can find his works all over the web and featured in most high end publications. www.tedemmonsphotography.com

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Specializing in

  • Art Direction

  • Video Production

  • Motion gFX

  • Branding

  • Illustration

  • Web Design

  • 3D Animation

  • Marketing

  • Custom Art

  • Graphic Design

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